Health & Wellness

The Nutritional Ethics of Hidden Vegetables

Hiding vegetables in processed foods or from children negative effect on developing healthy eating habits and long-term nutrition.
A photograph of the Colorado Capitol Building in Denver, with green grass and blue sky

In Colorado, The Right to Comprehensive Sex Education

Colorado students are testifying in favor of a bill that would make comprehensive sex education the norm in public schools, but not all parents are happy with the legislation.
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Why Didn’t God Make Us Happier?

Is there any moral value in our search to find contentment? Are we justified in our unending quest to be satisfied?
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The Future of Farming: Reconsidering the E. Coli Breakout

Identifying the problems that caused the E. coli outbreak in May might point us towards newer, more sustainable methods of farming.
Birds-eye view of a crowd of people. Some people are in focus and others are blurred.

“Born This Way”: Strategies for Gay and Fat Acceptance

Meaningful progress in inclusion and acceptance requires reframing the current political discourse.
Photograph of 5 figures in a field, wearing hats and bending over to reach for fruit

From Picking Fruit to Buying It: The Health of California Farmworkers

When we buy fruit at the grocery store, we often fail to realize the intensive and undervalued human labor that goes into growing and harvesting that fruit.
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Pandemic Life and Duties of Self-Improvement

Must we feel shame for failing to make the most of our situation and rising to the occasion?
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Insider Talk: Challenging Food Choices

When WeWork decided not to subsidize meat for its employees, critics had a lot to say. But what issue is really at the heart of their criticism?
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Mindfulness, Capitalism, and the Ethics of Compassion

Mindfulness has found a second life, but appears divorced from its roots. What does the co-opting of the technique mean?
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Of Pajamas and Self-Care

What kind of care do you owe yourself right now? How should we weigh immediate needs against future states?