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The Pink Tax (And Why It’s Time Women Opt for the...

Gender-based pricing is an insidious problem women face at almost every turn, and it won't be solved until companies can be convinced it's not lucrative.
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Self-Care in the Late Capitalist Era

Self-care is crucial, but is it overly commodified?
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To Clean or Too Clean? The Problem of Over-Cleanliness

We've been taught from a young age to wash our hands frequently and use powerful disinfectants to clean our homes. But how clean is too clean?
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“Free Birth” and the Politics of Childbearing

Women deserve better care and experiences when it comes to giving birth, but the Free Birth Society may not be the answer.
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Decisions for the Dead: The Moral Dimensions of Body Disposal

Is there a moral obligation to honor the wishes of the deceased with respect to what should be done with their body after death?
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The Ethics of Regulating Sperm Donation

With large amounts of the population being born due to sperm donations, questions about family history and siblings are emerging and can be stressful on families and individuals. This article explores if we could or should try to regulate sperm donors?
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On Meat Eating: Cats, Dogs, and Carnism

Most Westerners are horrified at the idea of eating pet animals like cats and dogs. So why are other animals more acceptable?
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Insider Talk: Challenging Food Choices

When WeWork decided not to subsidize meat for its employees, critics had a lot to say. But what issue is really at the heart of their criticism?
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The Future of Farming: Reconsidering the E. Coli Breakout

Identifying the problems that caused the E. coli outbreak in May might point us towards newer, more sustainable methods of farming.

Earth Day, Lettuce Shortages, and Future Food Crises

Earth Day's theme may have been ending plastic pollution, but many more environmental crises are at hand.