Kamala Harris giving a speech, smiling and speaking into microphones, with people crowded around

The Deeper Significance of Women Presidential Candidates

Though American politics may seem more divided than ever, it's important to note the changes still taking place.
Photograph of Slave Bible showing the edited Exodus passage

The Slave Bible: Editing the Word of God

In D.C.'s Museum of the Bible, there's an artifact that might change the way you think about slavery and Christianity. It's called the Slave Bible.
Photo of the Palmyra ruins in Syria

3D Scans, Archaeological Sites, and “Digital Colonialism”

Scans of ancient places like Palmyra could help archaeologists study and reconstruct damaged cultural heritage sites. But who should own the scans?
Photo of Karl Marx bust on a plinth in a small park

The Socialist Calculation Debate: Revisited

The 19th-century socialist calculation debate has surprising relevance today.
Photo of old colonial fort with palm tree and grass

Considering Avenues for Colonial Repatriation

How can European nations repay the costs of colonialism?
An aerial view of Niihau island surrounded by blue ocean.

Ethnic Identity in America: Remembering the Ni’ihau Incident

In 1941, a damaged Japanese fighter plane landed on Ni'ihau after the Pearl Harbor attack. What happened next sparked lingering questions about the relationship between national and ethnic identity.
A black-and-white photo of George Patton marching through a cemetery.

Should History be Kinder to George Patton?

A new documentary argues that General Patton's leadership should be a model for today, requiring a reassessment of the controversial general's legacy.

Mein Kampf and German Censorship

Part of Post-World War II policy in Germany was to ban Nazi propaganda and symbols from being displayed. This includes propaganda from the Nazi...

The Hiroshima Bombing: Was it Terrorism?

Seventy years later, the Hiroshima bombing's legacy requires a reexamination.

The Other Side of Antebellum Quaker History

As with all history, the Indiana Quakers' opposition to slavery before the Civil War was anything but clear-cut.