photograph of submarine half-submerged in ocean

The Letters of Last Resort and MAD Ethics

A holdover from a different time, the Letters of Last Resort signal a strategy of nuclear deterrence whose mode may be outdated, but whose message remains clear.
photograph of petroglyphs etched in a number of different stone faces

Cultural Heritage and the Murujuga Petroglyphs

Embedded in the case for protection are arguments concerning the value of our past, in-group/out-group determinations about our shared heritage, and historical injustice and marginalization.
photograph of Fireman's Monument at Cherynobl

The Ethics of Scientific Advice: Lessons from “Chernobyl”

HBO's miniseries offers a new opportunity to revisit an age-old debate: Should we keep value judgments out of science? Can we?
photograph of the surface of the moon (half)

Should We Return to the Moon?

Much has been made of the US's intention to return to the moon. What did Apollo 11 mean then and what might another voyage mean now?
photograph of the British Museum at night

Refusal to Repatriate: The Owning, Lending, and Stealing of Art

The ongoing debate over colonial repatriation requires that we confront our history of imperialism. On what grounds can one own another's cultural heritage?
A human and neanderthal skull facing each other on a black background

Questioning the Morality of Raising Neanderthal

Cloning Neanderthals could be a scientific possibility. But just because it might be possible doesn't mean it's a good, morally sound idea.
Kamala Harris giving a speech, smiling and speaking into microphones, with people crowded around

The Deeper Significance of Women Presidential Candidates

Though American politics may seem more divided than ever, it's important to note the changes still taking place.
Photograph of Slave Bible showing the edited Exodus passage

The Slave Bible: Editing the Word of God

In D.C.'s Museum of the Bible, there's an artifact that might change the way you think about slavery and Christianity. It's called the Slave Bible.
Photo of the Palmyra ruins in Syria

3D Scans, Archaeological Sites, and “Digital Colonialism”

Scans of ancient places like Palmyra could help archaeologists study and reconstruct damaged cultural heritage sites. But who should own the scans?
Photo of Karl Marx bust on a plinth in a small park

The Socialist Calculation Debate: Revisited

The 19th-century socialist calculation debate has surprising relevance today.