photograph of "Wall of Moms" protesting in Portland

The “Wall of Moms” and Manipulating Implicit Bias

Media narratives regarding the "Wall of Moms" protests in Portland have a lot to say about implicit bias and the responsibilities of white allyship.
photograph of bright empty classroom

Reflections of a Teacher during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy decisions and institutional design have a lot to say about the value we place on education and the components we deem necessary for its delivery.
photograph of armed police officer

Do Police Intentions Matter?

If the prevalence of racial bias and the demands of law enforcement makes rights violations predictable, are we not then complicit in maintaining the status quo?
photograph of middle school science clasroom

Back to School: America’s Uncontrolled and Unethical Experiment

Public officials have described the return to classrooms as an "experiment," but this description fails to appreciate the guidelines for studying protected populations.
photograph of scales made of pebbles balanced on a boulder

The Politics of Imponderables

Is the moral righteousness we experience over questions of trade-offs a blessing or a curse? Can that outrage be productive or must it be suppressed?
photograph of a fountain pen and a signature on yellow paper.

Under Discussion: On Cancelling “Cancel Culture”

What are all the sources that might imbue a thing with meaning, and how might we separate our endorsement of any one of those strands from the thing as a whole?
image of megaphone amplifying certains rays from an array of color bands

Under Discussion: Platforms of Power and Privilege

Not all voices carry the same weight, and these disparities in clout complicate our assessment of what can and cannot be said.
photograph of yellow push pin in the center of blue push pins with their spike turned to the yellow one

Under Discussion: Free Speech, Cancel Culture, and Compassion

The harm principle represents the standard for judging others' speech, but it can't tell us what punishment is appropriate or separate good faith from bad faith dialog.
photograph of plants growing between sidewalk cracks

Under Discussion: Weeds Grow in Light and Open Air, Too

Just as tolerance cannot tolerate intolerance, the possibility of free speech must be forcibly maintained and policed according to some limits.
photograph of computer screen displaying Harper's Letter

Under Discussion: Five Arguments Against the Harper’s Letter

Criticism of the letter tends to move far beyond the words on the page. That move is no doubt justified in some circumstances, but perhaps not justified in all.