photograph of graudation programs on rows of empty chairs

Graduation: A Moment of Upheaval

How can graduating seniors overcome their feelings of loss, regret, and lack of closure? By looking at the ways we are and are not bound by time and our sense of identity.
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US Exceptionalism, Foreign and Domestic

The Trump administration has redefined the role of the federal government and our understanding of who it operates on behalf of and what kinds of collective interests it pursues.
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Pandemic Sacrifices: It Matters Who Dies and Why

How do we balance the loss and suffering caused by the pandemic against the hardship that awaits in the economic recession?
photograph of Surgeon General Adams at podium during coronavirus briefing

Racial Health Disparities and Social Predispositions

The ambiguity in the Surgeon General's remarks communicates a troubling message further complicated by the public position from which it was delivered.
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A Stoic’s Guide to Crisis

Our current predicament requires that we reassess the way we understand ourselves, or lives, and our relation to this world.
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When It Comes to Privacy, We Shouldn’t Have to “EARN-IT”

The push to hold Facebook and Pinterest accountable for illicit material circulated by private users on their sites may also undermine our internet privacy and put limits on free speech.
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To My Fellow Students and Our Institutions:

Just as in the case of climate change, it seems we have a difficult time organizing to combat an unseen threat. Is education the answer?
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The Politicization of Disease

The current pandemic is but another opportunity to observe the perennial conflict between private interest and public good.
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Further Questions for Universities Closed by COVID-19

The unexpected and rapid migration of college courses to digital platforms is bound to bring difficulties.
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A Boulder Rolls Downhill

When something like a virus strikes and jars us from the pacifying monotony of our daily lives, it's easy to be confronted by the Absurd. How should we respond?