photograph of pile of "Vote" buttons

The Case for Epistocratic Democracy

Do we, as voters, have an obligation to be informed? Where could such a duty come from? Who might we owe it to?
photograph of climate protest signs ("Not Cool")

Fighting Fire with Smoke

The Washington Post's recent profile of the "Anti-Greta" raises concerns over journalistic ethics. Does giving space to fringe beliefs always run afoul of the duty to avoid false equivalence?
photograph of classically-designed building

From Boring to Soaring; or, Beauty Is in the Eye of...

How should we understand the politics behind Trump's designation of "beauty"? What is at stake in the architectural design of federal buildings?
photograph of green board game piece isolated from huddled, red board game pieces

Institutions’ Right to Block: ICAO vs. Taiwan

What might justify an organization or government's wielding of exclusionary power? What does it mean to be removed from the conversation?
photograph of gathering clouds

Why Isn’t Everybody Panicking? Scientific Reticence and the Duty to Scare...

How can we balance accuracy against alarmism? How can we avoid defeatism and instead inspire action? What does scientific accuracy demand?
image of aged Rising Sun flag

Rising Sun Flag: Symbol of Hate or Cultural Pride?

Japan has claimed that the Rising Sun flag is not a political statement, but what other meaning can a flag have? And who gets to say what a flag symbolizes?
photograph of smoke on horizon from Australian bushfire

Australia’s Apocalyptic Summer

The situation in Australia is further complicated by the climate change politics at play. It may not have caused the fires, but climate change isn't only in the minds of "raving inner-city lefties" either.
photograph of empty US Capitol steps

Of Trump and Truth

The political assault on truth has far-reaching implications. Can we save government from Orwellian dystopia and rescue ethics from a world without facts?
photograph of Capitol building with U.S. flag flying below the Statue of Freedom

Impeachment as a Means to an End

The value of the impeachment hearings extends well beyond the immediate political horizon. It is not a tool in service of a particular end, but a communicative symbol to the world.
photograph of Peter Handke

Morality on the Side: Peter Handke and the Nobel Prize

Literary criticism often encourages us to separate the art from the artist, but the Nobel Committee's recognition of Peter Handke makes the issue bigger than what's on the page.