photograph of US Capitol building at dawn

The Day after Election: Procedure and Substance

Should government's first obligation be achieving substantive goals or fine-tuning procedural mechanisms? How can these two aims be compared?
photograph of Halloween event at White House with Donald and Melania Trump

Truth and Contradiction, Knowledge and Belief, and Trump

What is 'knowledge' if our politics doesn't even pretend to be concerned with truth?
photograph of newspaper stand with various magazines with Trump on the cover

Is It Right to Hope for a Politician’s Death?

Neither revenge nor negligence can justify hoping for the worse or expressing joy at other's misfortune.
photograph of screen displaying Trump's Twitter profile

Misericordia and Trump’s Illness

Can virtue ethics ever justify wishing harm to come to others?
photograph of democratic and republican party figurines atop the American flag

We’ve Got Politics Wrong

Political principles or party affiliation? Our political discourse tends toward tribalism first, convictions second.
image of Lebron James with "More than an Athlete" slogan

The Ethics of Escapism (Pt. 3): Searching for the Personal when...

Our entertainments send political messages all the time, what changes is our receptivity to them.
photograph of Green Bay Packers stadium lightly populated before game

The Ethics of Escapism (Pt. 1)

The sphere of the political is only ever expanding. In many cases this may be cause for celebration, but we must also recognize that soon there will be no space left.
photograph of worn USA flag on pole with clouds behind

Is the U.S. Becoming Less Democratic?

Dewey's diagnosis of a splintered American public is as accurate now as it was then. How can we help the public find itself?
photograph of broken storefront window

Under Discussion: Right to Riot?

Can looting and vandalism ever be considered a justified response to oppression? Does it effectively communicate a message of resistance?
photograph of police in riot gear in Portland

Under Discussion: Law and Order as Suppression and Oppression

The "law and order" slogan is nothing more than a wish return to the status quo that is fundamentally opposed to the project of racial justice.