"house-of-cards-kevin-spacey" by Carrie A. licensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

Is It Okay to Wear a House of Cards T-Shirt?

After Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations, is it ethically permissible to still wear clothing that represent his work on House of Cards?
photograph of all the women save Senator Mary Landrieu on the US Senate in 2013

Women, Representation, Revolution

There are more women than ever up for election during this year's midterms. If many of them succeed, what might change?
photograph of Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Brett Kavanaugh smiling while sitting on a couch

Opinion: Kavanaugh Was the Wrong Choice

Even after Kavanaugh's confirmation, the decision is controversial.
"Alex Jones" by Sean P. Anderson licensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

The Dangers and Ethics of Social Media Censorship

What are the dangers involved in social media censorship? This article uses Alex Jone's removal from social media to examine the problems that come with censorship.
"Ariana Grande" by Emma is liscensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

Why Blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s Death is Unethical

Why is Ariana Grande being blamed for the death of Mac Miller? This article focuses on the underlying patriarchal themes that fuel this blame and how they damage women in relationships.
Photograph of a rally with a person holding a sign saying "Indefinite Detention is a crime against humanity"

Australia’s Moral Disgrace: Child Mental Health Crisis in Australian Immigration Detention

The Australian off-shore detention camp on Nauru continues to hold children indefinitely, at great risk to their mental health.
A bluebird perched on a barbed wire fence

Insecticidal Tendencies: Insects as Candidates for Ecological Ethics

Pesticides have done a lot of harm to our environment, but most of all to insects. Should our ethics extend beyond ourselves to members of the natural world?
Photograph of Donald Trump speaking into a microphone

What’s The Story With Fake News?

What is fake news, really? And what is it doing to our free speech?
Silhouettes of people in front of Picasso's painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"

Reframing Picasso: Hannah Gadsby and “Separating the Man from the Art”

Hannah Gadsby's reframing of Picasso's cubism is more than a piece of art criticism -- it's revolutionary.
Photo of the Nobel prize

Opinion: President Trump, Peacemaker?

Is Donald Trump really in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize?