photograph of broken storefront window

Under Discussion: Right to Riot?

Can looting and vandalism ever be considered a justified response to oppression? Does it effectively communicate a message of resistance?
photograph of police in riot gear in Portland

Under Discussion: Law and Order as Suppression and Oppression

The "law and order" slogan is nothing more than a wish return to the status quo that is fundamentally opposed to the project of racial justice.
photograph of a patch of the confederate flag

Under Discussion: The Multiple Ironies of “Law and Order”

The political slogan has long been associated with doublespeak regarding equality under the law.
black-and-white photograph of group of students studying outside

Against Abstinence-Based COVID-19 Policies

Colleges' policies regarding students and gatherings offers another lesson about using ideal theory in a non-ideal world.
photograph of lone firefighter before a wildfire

Wildfires and Prison Labor: Crisis Continues to Expose Systemic Inequity

Upon what theory of punishment do the incarcerated not deserve protection from exploitation?
photograph of school children with face masks having hands disinfected by teacher

Essential Work, Education, and Human Values

What characteristics are unique to essential work and essential workers? What educational roles can we not live without?
photograph of doctor holding syringe and medicine for vaccination

Who Should Get the Vaccine First?

Our basic equality needs to be respected in processes that determine who gets what.
photograph of "Wall of Moms" protesting in Portland

The “Wall of Moms” and Manipulating Implicit Bias

Media narratives regarding the "Wall of Moms" protests in Portland have a lot to say about implicit bias and the responsibilities of white allyship.
photograph of bright empty classroom

Reflections of a Teacher during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy decisions and institutional design have a lot to say about the value we place on education and the components we deem necessary for its delivery.
photograph of armed police officer

Do Police Intentions Matter?

If the prevalence of racial bias and the demands of law enforcement makes rights violations predictable, are we not then complicit in maintaining the status quo?