Photograph of a classroom with a teacher in the foreground and children gathered sititing on the floor

Arming Teachers: A Half-Baked Solution to Gun Violence

Gun violence in schools is more prevalent than ever, yet still law-makers suggest arming teachers is the best solution.
photograph of an anti-abortion protest

Opinion: Kevin Williamson Is Right (About One Thing)

The former Atlantic columnist's stance on abortion raises an important question: if abortion is murder, why are pro-life activists squeamish about prosecuting the women who seek them out?
An image of Stormy Daniels speaking at a conference

Opinion: Non-Disclosure Agreements and the Ethics of Paying for Silence

Scandals involving powerful men like Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein have trained the spotlight on the controversial non-disclosure agreement.
An image taken from a Parkland shooting vigil

Opinion: Rethinking Our Massacre Problem

As the Parkland mass shooting once again thrusts guns into the public consciousness, it is time to rethink our approach to gun violence.
A photo of Pope Francis

Opinion: The Pope, Fake News, and the Gospels

Examining the religious context of Pope Francis' recent condemnation of "fake news."
a panorama of a rural Missouri landscape

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and the Ethics of Black Humor

Though critically and commercially successful, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has concerned some with its brand of black humor.
An image of a DACA protest in Columbus Circle

Opinion: “Dreamers” Have Been Taken Hostage in the Battle for Trump’s...

"Asking for the wall (and so on) is like demanding ransom before freeing someone who’s unconditionally entitled to be free."
A landscape image of Caracas, Venezuela

Should the United States Invade Venezuela?

Does Venezuela's ongoing crisis justify a humanitarian intervention?
An image of the Sanctuary of Fatima.

The Political Manipulation of the Fatima Cult

In 1917, three Portuguese children claimed to have received prophecies from the Virgin Mary. The way the world reacted underscores how religion is sometimes used to further political goals.
A vintage photo of a Bolshevik protest in Russia

The Moral Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution

Was the Bolshevik revolution a just rebuke of authoritarianism, as some claim?