photograph of Walt Disney Statue with Disney Castle in background

Acknowledging a Violent Past: Disney’s Racist Fairy Tales

Given the impact Disney has in shaping young minds, might the company have an obligation to use its power to make amends for past harm?
abstract painting of two faces without eyes facing away from one another

Testimony, Conspiracy Theories, and Hume on Miracles

How can we guard against a willingness to be deceived in our quest to see the complete picture?
photograph of a cluster of traffic lights sending mixed signals

Intuitions and the Duty to Aid

What do our intuitions actually tell us? What moral weight should we grant them?
image of black lipstick kiss on white background

Can Hyperfemininity Be Radical?

Is there progress regarding sexual politics that can be made by leaning into the male gaze?
photograph of the White House at night

When Should We Be Undemocratic?

On what grounds might barring a politician from ever running for public office again be justified?
cartoon image of excited speech bubble

The Cost of Free Speech

Freedoms come with responsibilities and must be balanced against other moral values.
photograph of Capitol mob being tear gassed outside

Immoral Emotions, Intentionality, and Insurrection

We can condemn the violence at the Capitol without also condemning the emotional experiences that precipitated those acts.
photograph of President Trump leaving podium at border wall event

Moral Authority in America

What have these past four years really meant for America's legacy? What is the way forward?
photograph of woman with face mask sitting in large, empty street dining area

Time to Let Up or Double Down?

Even with vaccination rollout underway, it's still too early to consider the long-anticipated return to normal.
photograph of threatening protestor group with gas masks

How Should One Call It like It Is?

By what standards can we determine the kind of language that is appropriate? How could we possibly reach consensus?