photograph of President Trump leaving podium at border wall event

Moral Authority in America

What have these past four years really meant for America's legacy? What is the way forward?
photograph of woman with face mask sitting in large, empty street dining area

Time to Let Up or Double Down?

Even with vaccination rollout underway, it's still too early to consider the long-anticipated return to normal.
photograph of threatening protestor group with gas masks

How Should One Call It like It Is?

By what standards can we determine the kind of language that is appropriate? How could we possibly reach consensus?
photograph of President Trump's twitter bio displayed on tablet

Trump and the Dangers of Social Media

What responsibility do social media sites have in moderating content and what responsibilities might fall on us, the users?
photograph looking up at US Capitol Building

Accountability, Negligence, and Bad Faith

Calls for Senators Cruz and Hawley to resign are only growing louder, but of what wrong might they be guilty?
photograph of a crowd marching the streets dressed as witches and wearing grotesque masks

Movies, Beliefs, and Dangerous Messages

Our tendency to portray evil by depicting physical deformity is a problem in need of correction.
photograph of donation jar stuffed with large bills

A Strange Moral Disgruntlement with Giving

What constitutes a worthwhile cause? And why do we so harshly judge others for donating to the wrong ones?
photograph of smiling gingerbread man relaxing in a cup of hot coacoa

Why Didn’t God Make Us Happier?

Is there any moral value in our search to find contentment? Are we justified in our unending quest to be satisfied?
photograph of college graduation cap laying on top of pile of cash

Is Canceling All Student Debt Fair? Yes. Here’s Why.

Can student loan forgiveness overcome the many objections of critics? What makes these victims of higher ed deserving?
image of 2021 with vaccine vial and syringe representing two of the numbers

Duties to Vaccinate, Duties to Inform

How might we best communicate the science to those who remain skeptical? What role do each of us have to play?