cartoon image of scorpion on frogs back

Aesop and the Unvaccinated: On Messaging and Rationality

Too much time is devoted to finger-pointing and name-calling, while not enough attention is paid to what goes into the message.
photograph of favella next to skyscrapers

Intellectual Property and the Right of Necessity

How can we honor our obligation to those in need without creating additional kinds of unfairness?
image of American flag superimposed over the moon

The Artemis Accords: A New Race to Dominate Space

The land grab currently afoot has people and nations staking their claim to goods that shouldn't be owned.
photograph of astronaut sitting on surface of foreign planet at dawn

In Defense of Space Tourism for Billionaires

Mightn't unhindered ambition and the capacity dream be good (perhaps even necessary) for the soul?
photograph of Blue Origin shuttle takeoff

The Aristotelian Vulgarity of Billionaires in Space

Can virtue ethics help put appropriate words to a lingering doubt and spell out the antipathy we feel?
photograph of starry night in the woods

Space: The Immoral Frontier?

Can the broad consensus on the "necessary" nature of space travel find a moral justification?
photograph of blurred sprinters leaving starting blocks

Sha’Carri Richardson and the Spirit of the Game

Is the Olympics's selective ban on substance abuse about protecting the sport or projecting an image?
image of camera lens blended with an image of an eye

Revenge Porn, Public Interest, and Free Speech

In what circumstances could revenge porn ever be considered protected speech?
photograph of Uncle Same "We Want You!" poster

Time for Social Conscription?

The pandemic has offered a compelling backdrop for considering the institution of a national service program.
photograph of rainbow flag with silhouette figures crowded beneath it

Pride Parades and Respectability Politics

Etiquette norms regarding "good taste" and "decency" are just another tool used to stifle expression, encourage conformity, and police group identity.