photograph of Jerusalem through barbed wire fence

Criticism of Israel, Media Focus, and Bias

Given all the other international conflicts, can anything but anti-Semitism explain the obsession with Israeli policies?
photograph of runner statues in Beijing's Olympic Park

How Can the 2022 Olympic Games Remain Neutral?

The International Olympic Committee asks that we celebrate sport while holding our tongues.
photograph of police officer with blurred civilians in the background

Justice for All?: William Kelly and Kyle Rittenhouse

Should departments really be in the business of policing their officers' off-duty behavior?
photograph of armed police officer

Do Police Intentions Matter?

If the prevalence of racial bias and the demands of law enforcement makes rights violations predictable, are we not then complicit in maintaining the status quo?
photograph of bootprints in the sand

Our Moral Obligations to the Afghans

There may never be a right time to withdraw, but that doesn't mean we can walk away clean.
photograph of newspaper vending machines with businesses in background

Abusing Public Faith: Brooks, Gladwell, and Journalistic Ethics

The harm caused by journalists shilling for brands threatens not only their credibility but the credibility of the news at large.
photograph of miniature US flag with blurred background

“Stand Back and Stand By”: The Demands of Loyal Opposition

What role and responsibilities does American democracy assume of the minority party?
image of Socrates drinking hemlock

What Is Cancel Culture?

Decried as the uncontrollable behemoth risen by the left, cancel culture has long existed as a societal tool that knows no affiliation.
photograph of Walt Disney Statue with Disney Castle in background

Acknowledging a Violent Past: Disney’s Racist Fairy Tales

Given the impact Disney has in shaping young minds, might the company have an obligation to use its power to make amends for past harm?
abstract painting of two faces without eyes facing away from one another

Testimony, Conspiracy Theories, and Hume on Miracles

How can we guard against a willingness to be deceived in our quest to see the complete picture?