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Faramir’s Insight

In failing to appreciate the fullness of others' moral autonomy we do them a disservice.
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Reproductive Autonomy and Climate Change

Must even my private choices be constrained by what is in everyone else's best interests?
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Vainglories Are Like Ogres — Part III: The Layer Problem

Is there any philanthropic act wholly divorced from ego which might be truly selfless?
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Vainglories Are Like Ogres — Part II: Why is Vainglory Such...

We care about reputation for a host of reasons, but recognizing when it drives us toward the wrong thing takes work.
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Vainglories Are Like Ogres — Part I: Defining Vainglory

What are the telltale signs that might indicate when a healthy regard for how we're perceived becomes something else?
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The Virtuous Life and the Certainty of Death

What does it take for us to be properly attuned to our inevitable passing and that of all others?
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – Real World Complications

How might access to information change our obligation to the unvaccinated?
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – Types of Reasons

Depending on the justification, we might still have an obligation to curb behavior in order to protect the unvaccinated.
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – The Difference Voluntariness Makes

Does the fact that vaccination is widely available change our moral situation in respect to those who remain unvaccinated?
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A Problem with Emotions

Anger, grief, and even joy affect our moral reasoning in ways still left unexplored.