photograph of people walking and biking in masks

Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – The Difference Voluntariness Makes

Does the fact that vaccination is widely available change our moral situation in respect to those who remain unvaccinated?
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A Problem with Emotions

Anger, grief, and even joy affect our moral reasoning in ways still left unexplored.
photograph of a cluster of traffic lights sending mixed signals

Intuitions and the Duty to Aid

What do our intuitions actually tell us? What moral weight should we grant them?
photograph of single person with flashlight standing in pitch darkness

What Good Is Ignorance?

Not all knowledge is important. There are a great many things we are better off remaining ignorant of.
photograph of rioters in front of Capitol

On the Rationality of the Capitol Rioters

On what basis should we assess rational action? Should that judgment make space for things like false beliefs or moral considerations?
photograph of Capitol building looking up from below

Insurrection at the Capitol: Socratic Lessons on Rhetoric and Truth

The events of January 6th offer yet another history lesson on the power of persuasion and our indifference to truth.
photograph of protester holding sign reading: "Freedom from Tyranny Don't Tread on Me" in front of State building

The Moral Need for Public Conversation about Rights in a Pandemic...

The 'folk' conception of rights is a major obstacle to combating the pandemic. Perhaps it's time we had a talk about the limits of personal liberty.
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What Reddit Can Teach Us About Moral Philosophy

Is there any moral knowledge to be gained wading through others' sticky situations online?
photogrph of Twitter homepage on computer screene

What Would Kierkegaard Make of Twitter?

Is our inclination toward "talkativeness" hindering recognition of our true place in the cosmos and standing in the way of a genuine relationship to the world?
photograph of Alex Jones with megaphone reporting for InfoWars

Freedom of Speech and the Self-Defense Argument

Know thine enemy? Is it better that offensive views be expressed than simply hidden from sight?