photograph of unmarked headstone in cemetery

Should We Celebrate the Death of an Enemy?

What are our responsibilities to those who have caused harm? What are and are not appropriate responses to a fallen foe?
photograph of an open cell block

Determinism and Punishment

Should it be revealed that our actions are not as autonomous as we assume them to be, how might this impact our conception of punishment and desert?
Image of two human stick-figures arguing

The Free-Speech Defense and a Defense of Free Speech

Mill endorsed free and open debate as a machine capable of refining and reinforcing truth. There were, however, limits. On his view, political correctness is not a restriction of free speech but a basic tenet.
photograph of tightly-packed crowd

Population Growth and Anti-Natalist Philosophy

Arguments regarding the immorality of procreation are on the rise given concerns of overpopulation and humans' contribution to climate change.
Photograph of Pripyat ferris wheel from inside abandoned building

Moral and Existential Lessons from “Chernobyl”

The miniseries takes up a number of philosophical themes (e.g., what it means to know, the nature of authority, the virtue of humility), but chief among these is our existential confrontation with the Absurd.
Photo of a person behind a banner that says "Shame on Mel Rogers, CEO, PBS SoCal"

Is Shaming an Important Moral Tool?

Shaming occurs everyday, both in real life and on the internet. Does it have the desired effect of getting people to change their actions, or is it a tool best left unused?
Photograph of candles and flowers arranged to mourn victims of the shootings

Christchurch: White Supremacism, Politics and Moral Evil

How do we define moral evil? And how do the events that happened in Christchurch and afterwards inform this definition?
Two young women in the foreground of a protest march, with signs behind them saying "our future our choice"

Climate Change and the Philosophical Pitfalls of Grounding Duty to Future...

In climate change rhetoric, we often focus on future generations. What's the moral underpinning of this argument?
A baby's hand holding a daffodil petal

Antinatalism: The Tragedy of Being Born

A businessman is suing his parents for causing his life. What's behind this antinatalist belief?
Governor Ralph Northam delivers a speech

From Blackface to Homophobic Tweets: Prioritizing Deontology over Consequentialism?

The recent scandals of blackface and blatant racism in Virginia are obviously bad. Are laws that lead to racist intent equally so?