collage of colorful speech bubbles

In Defense of Mill

Contrary to popular belief, Mill's commitment to speech is capable of distinguishing good faith from bad faith efforts.
photograph of lone firefighter standing before small wildfire blaze

Liability and Luck

Our conceptions of legal and moral responsibility encourage less-than-ideal results.
photograph of screen displaying Trump's Twitter profile

Misericordia and Trump’s Illness

Can virtue ethics ever justify wishing harm to come to others?
photograph of US Capitol Building with mirror image reflected in lake

Treating Principles as Mere Means

How can we explain the unique moral wrong committed when we trade on our principles?
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When Are Leaders Culpable?

How do we know when those in command are at moral fault? How do we separate individual responsibility from the exploitation of trust?
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Moral Luck and the Judgment of Officials

What responsibility do judges bear in assessing individual's moral culpability for outcomes that are the product of luck.
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Under Discussion: Dog Whistles, Implicatures, and “Law and Order”

Coded messages and dog whistles like "law and order" signify much more than their literal meaning suggests.
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How Many Children Must We Save?

At what point does giving become obligatory and not merely charitable? How much can (and should) be demanded of us?
close-up photograph of Jerry Falwell Jr. at speaking engagement

Hypocrisy and the Fall of Falwell

Inconsistency, self-deception, deceit? What is it about hypocrisy that provokes such strong feelings of moral outrage?
photograph of several rick and morty action figures

The Remote of Morty and the Ring of Gyges

The most recent episode of Rick and Morty raises familiar questions about the value of virtue—and the harm of immoral action—in the absence of consequences.