Harm Reduction, Moral Relativism, and Female Genital Mutilation

Formulating strategies to address female genital mutilation largely depend on the philosophical underpinnings guiding them.

Peter Singer and the Ethics of Effective Altruism

Peter Singer has advocated for a form of altruism that prioritizes the effectiveness of aid in lessening suffering above all else. What are the implications of his position?

Should We Avoid or Engage Moral Dilemmas?

When confronting a moral dilemma, is it better to engage with the issue or avoid getting involved entirely?

Peter Singer and the Ethics of Eugenics

Pamela J. Hobart argues that more nuance is needed when deciding what counts as eugenics, and whether eugenics can be ethical.

Will Robots Ever Deserve Moral and Legal Rights?

As artificial intelligence continues to develop, philosophy offers two possible criteria for granting robots rights.

When Oppressors Repent, Who Deserves Forgiveness?

As leaders of Augosto Pinochet's dictatorial government repent, questions linger about the role of forgiveness in the face of oppression.

Voting in the 2016 Election: Impact Versus Intent

Does voting for a xenophobic misogynist make you responsible for xenophobic misogyny?

Can Emotions Be Wrong?

We can act wrongly: we may behave in ways that are unkind, inconsiderate, or selfish. Can our emotions be wrong too? Are there things...

(How) Does Capitalism Incentivize? Part II

This post originally appeared June 16, 2015. My last post discussed the bifurcated incentivization structure of capitalism: owners profit while workers become disempowered by working harder....

(How) Does Capitalism Incentivize? Part I

This post originally appeared June 9, 2015. In my youth my parents would defend capitalism by saying that it incentivized work in contrast to communism....