Photo of a person behind a banner that says "Shame on Mel Rogers, CEO, PBS SoCal"

Is Shaming an Important Moral Tool?

Shaming occurs everyday, both in real life and on the internet. Does it have the desired effect of getting people to change their actions, or is it a tool best left unused?
Photograph of candles and flowers arranged to mourn victims of the shootings

Christchurch: White Supremacism, Politics and Moral Evil

How do we define moral evil? And how do the events that happened in Christchurch and afterwards inform this definition?
Two young women in the foreground of a protest march, with signs behind them saying "our future our choice"

Climate Change and the Philosophical Pitfalls of Grounding Duty to Future...

In climate change rhetoric, we often focus on future generations. What's the moral underpinning of this argument?
A baby's hand holding a daffodil petal

Antinatalism: The Tragedy of Being Born

A businessman is suing his parents for causing his life. What's behind this antinatalist belief?
Governor Ralph Northam delivers a speech

From Blackface to Homophobic Tweets: Prioritizing Deontology over Consequentialism?

The recent scandals of blackface and blatant racism in Virginia are obviously bad. Are laws that lead to racist intent equally so?
Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech against a blue background

Nasty, Brutish and Online: Is Facebook Revealing a Hobbesian Dystopia?

Was Thomas Hobbes right about human nature, and is Facebook proving it?
Photo of three rats in a cage with a little red house and food and water available

The Moral Quandary of Testing on Animals

Animal testing is controversial, and it's because of questions ranging from consent to suffering to the 'greater good.'
Photo of a lowlit room with candles and a mirror and a bed

Self-Care in the Late Capitalist Era

Self-care is crucial, but is it overly commodified?
Image of many protesters in Charlottesville

Bothsidesism and Why It Matters

Bothsidesism means acknowledging that moral equivalence is dangerous: just because there are two sides of an issue doesn't mean they're ethically equal.
Photograph of an open notebook with a pen on it; written on the notebook is "New Years Resolutions"

New Year’s Resolutions and The Problem of Self-Promising

Is breaking your New Year's resolution the same as breaking a promise? Philosophers might give us an answer.