Photo of three rats in a cage with a little red house and food and water available

The Moral Quandary of Testing on Animals

Animal testing is controversial, and it's because of questions ranging from consent to suffering to the 'greater good.'
Photo of a lowlit room with candles and a mirror and a bed

Self-Care in the Late Capitalist Era

Self-care is crucial, but is it overly commodified?
Image of many protesters in Charlottesville

Bothsidesism and Why It Matters

Bothsidesism means acknowledging that moral equivalence is dangerous: just because there are two sides of an issue doesn't mean they're ethically equal.
Photograph of an open notebook with a pen on it; written on the notebook is "New Years Resolutions"

New Year’s Resolutions and The Problem of Self-Promising

Is breaking your New Year's resolution the same as breaking a promise? Philosophers might give us an answer.
Photograph of President Trump looking at a book with other people gathered

Why You are Wrong to Donate to the #BorderWall GoFundMe Campaign

Opinion: The GoFundMe campaign supporting the building of the proposed border wall has some fundamental philosophical problems.
Group of people gathered around a holiday table

Why Are Political Debates So Difficult?: A Holiday Survival Guide

Why do we argue with family over the holidays, and how can we start to bridge the gap?
Photograph of two men and a dog standing in a burned structure

Saving Animals in Emergencies: The California Wildfires

In times of emergency, it's often hard for families to decide what to do with their pets. What should be our moral obligations towards our domesticated animals?
Photograph of people touring glass biospheres

Rethinking Modification of the Natural World

Humans have been modifying the natural world for millennia. But what is right -- the way the world was, or what we change it to be?
Arial photograph of destruction caused by Hurricane Maria

Trump, Puerto Rico, and the Ethics of Skepticism

Skepticism can be healthy, but it can also be misplaced. President Trump seems to use the tactic at the wrong times.
Black and white photograph of the inside of a cathedral

What’s Wrong with Hypocrisy?

Why does hypocrisy feel so much worse than other moral wrongs? And what part is it playing in the Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Scandal?