Photograph of people touring glass biospheres

Rethinking Modification of the Natural World

Humans have been modifying the natural world for millennia. But what is right -- the way the world was, or what we change it to be?
Arial photograph of destruction caused by Hurricane Maria

Trump, Puerto Rico, and the Ethics of Skepticism

Skepticism can be healthy, but it can also be misplaced. President Trump seems to use the tactic at the wrong times.
Black and white photograph of the inside of a cathedral

What’s Wrong with Hypocrisy?

Why does hypocrisy feel so much worse than other moral wrongs? And what part is it playing in the Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Scandal?
Photo of five boxes of girl scout cookies

Where Should Your Money Go?

Should charitable giving be about preventing the most harm or helping your community?
Photograph of the Incredibles family made of legos

Unjust Laws and Elastigirl’s Example

The Incredibles 2 is more than a family blockbuster -- it presents theories of the ethics of law in a clear, understandable way.

Some Normative Perspectives on Borders and Asylum Seekers

When U.S. border polices are examined from a normative ethical perspective, the results point to a need for change.
Image of Arkady Babchenko speaking with politicians.

A Journalist Fakes His Own Death. Was His Decision Moral?

What will the consequences be of Ukrainian journalist Arkady Babchenko's choice to elude Russian-funded assassins by faking his own death?
Image of a streetcar in a city.

Just How Useful is the Trolley Problem?

Has one of philosophy's most famous thought experiments outlived its usefulness?
Photo of Karl Marx bust on a plinth in a small park

The Socialist Calculation Debate: Revisited

The 19th-century socialist calculation debate has surprising relevance today.
A painting of Enlightenment scholars talking in a park.

In Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now, the Ethics of Reporting Human Progress

A new book answers a contentious question: just how much has the Enlightenment improved the world?