close-up photograph of Jerry Falwell Jr. at speaking engagement

Hypocrisy and the Fall of Falwell

Inconsistency, self-deception, deceit? What is it about hypocrisy that provokes such strong feelings of moral outrage?
photograph of several rick and morty action figures

The Remote of Morty and the Ring of Gyges

The most recent episode of Rick and Morty raises familiar questions about the value of virtue—and the harm of immoral action—in the absence of consequences.
cartoon image of group of confused people

Figleaves, Bothsidesing, and the Ethics of Implication

The disconnect between semantic and pragmatic meaning hides all sorts of political motive and epistemic claims.
photograph of toast and swank gathering

Moral Luck, Universalization, and COVID-19

Many who resist shelter in place orders cast their decision as a triumph of personal liberty over government overreach. But what of their duty to others?
photograph of Chechpoint Charlie memorial site today

States of Exception

Is the emergency power currently granted governments circumscribed by law or is it a 'miracle' that transcends the norm? What are the implications of our answer?
photograph of child with mask hugging her mother

Expertise in the Time of COVID-19

Uncertainty, politicization, and the need for specialized knowledge all threaten our ability to competently weigh evidence and reasons. What can we do when we are in no position to judge?
photograph of The Witcher character from a gaming expo

The Witcher and the Lesser of Two Evils

Netflix's recent adaptation delves into philosophical issues from the problem of dirty hands to questions of utilitarian calculus.
photograph of "Coexist" bumper sticker in back window of a BMW

MAGA, Morality, and the Paradox of Tolerance

Tolerance does not, and cannot, require tolerating intolerant views. And it is not hypocrisy to say so.
photograph of one hand in another

The Murder of Botham Jean and the Ethics of Forgiveness

Much has been made of Brandt Jean's forgiveness of Amber Guyger. Under what conditions might forgiveness ever be inappropriate?
Cropped, black-and-white headshot of a white woman with dark hair, pearl earrings wearing a white blouse and dark blazer.

On the Legitimacy of Moral Advice from the Internet

Seeking out moral advice from, and offering moral advice to, strangers in a public forum is nothing new. What has changed are the qualifications to claim moral expertise.