portrait of Donald Trump Jr. at a campaign event

Moral Luck and the Trump-Russia Investigation

Philosophical theories of Moral Luck allow us to determine how blameworthy the actors in the Trump-Russia investigation really are.
An image of the Capitol Hill dome with a statue in the foreground

Tax Reform and the Value of Economic Equality: Part Three

Many have argued the Republican tax plan is harmful because it will exacerbate inequality. But why is equality the desirable goal, in the first place?
Image of Johns Hopkins University's Main Campus

Why Give $75 Million to Philosophy?

A wealthy businessman just gifted $75 million to Johns Hopkins' philosophy department. But some philosophers were skeptical of the move.
An anonymous woman holding up a sign that says #MeToo

Trusting Women and Epistemic Justice

Why is trusting women such an issue in our public discourse?
An image of an Occupy Wall Street protest.

Tax Reform and the Value of Economic Equality: Part 1

Examining the moral case for reducing economic inequality.
An old diagram depicting a scientist's theory about a flat earth.

What Does Kant Have to Say about Conspiracy Theorists?

In an age of conspiracy theories and alternative facts, Kant's philosophy of reason stands to offer much-needed clarity.
A photo of a telephone booth

“Nudges” and the Environmental Influences on our Morals

Research has shown that moral behavior can be influenced by environmental "nudges," including those as small as finding a dime in a phone booth.
A photo of an old, weathered wooden barrel.

Reason, Listening and Fixing “How to Fix American Stupidity”

What a cask of wine has to do with America's contemporary polarization.
Neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville rally

Please Don’t Punch the Nazis

When considering how to address the rise of the United States' far right, reflection on the type of hatred at play is needed.
A photo of a Pinocchio doll.

On Lying When There is No Truth

On the unique position that lying holds in contemporary American society.