The Dangers of Partition as Peace

Recent protests in Kosovo have highlighted the dangers of ethnic partition as a viable conflict resolution policy.

Call them Daesh: Names, Meaning and ISIS

One thing that I noticed when I first heard media coverage of an Islamist group rising to power in Syria was that it was...

A Rose in a City Square

On the ethics of studying abroad in a post-conflict city like Sarajevo.

In Wake of the Tomahawk

In Serbia, traces of postwar trauma can be found in the use of a single word.

Cannons in a Quiet Park

Lingering ultranationalism continues to plague Serbian politics, identity and attempts to seek justice.

This is a Self-Portrait

Studying in the former Yugoslavia forced me to face the impossibilities of complexity.

Battlefield A.I. and the Future of War

The development of "killer robots" stands to change the way we think about warfare.

The Poetry of ISIS: Is it Literature?

Drawing on images of beauty and atrocity alike, the poems of ISIS spark questions of how literature is defined.

Obama, Drones, and Hostages

On Thursday, President Obama announced that a U.S. drone strike accidentally killed one American and one Italian hostage in January. Both men were aid workers...

Electronic Empathy: Video Games as Media

The conflict in Syria is a humanitarian catastrophe on a massive scale, with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of others forced to flee...