photograph of armed soldiers in file

Pope Francis, Edward Gallagher, and Just War Theory

From the case of Edward Gallagher to recent statements by the Pope, current events encourage reflection on what it means to wage war ethically.
photograph of submarine half-submerged in ocean

The Letters of Last Resort and MAD Ethics

A holdover from a different time, the Letters of Last Resort signal a strategy of nuclear deterrence whose mode may be outdated, but whose message remains clear.
photograph of barbed wire fence with camp in the distance

Racism, Refugees, and the Ripple Effect

Nationalist rhetoric and policies are gaining traction, emboldening others to follow suit, and undermining our collective commitment to human rights.

The Peace Cross and Separation of Church and State

Bladensburg's monument to veterans raises a number of thorny issues concerning the principle of neutrality, freedom of religion, and the foundations of law.
An image of a cemetery near Mosul, Iraq

For Humanitarian Organizations in War Zones, the Ethical Challenge of Neutrality

Why did two medical NGOs refuse to embed with Iraqi forces and provide treatment to Iraqi citizens who needed it?
A photo of the North Korean-South Korean border

If North Korea Launches a Nuclear Attack, How Should the U.S....

North Korea's threats, most recently against Guam, pose questions of how the U.S. should ethically respond to a nuclear strike ordered by Kim Jong Un.

Just War Theory and the Aims of Trump’s Airstrikes

If Trump's strikes in Syria and Afghanistan are to be considered justified, they must adhere to certain standards of warfare.

Trial by Trump: The Case of Bowe Bergdahl

Donald Trump's harsh condemnation of Bowe Bergdahl's alleged desertion makes trying the case particularly difficult.

The Dangers of Partition as Peace

Recent protests in Kosovo have highlighted the dangers of ethnic partition as a viable conflict resolution policy.

Call them Daesh: Names, Meaning and ISIS

One thing that I noticed when I first heard media coverage of an Islamist group rising to power in Syria was that it was...