image of Putin profile, origami style

Russia, Ukraine, and Digital Sanctions

Does Big Tech have a responsibility to get involved?
image of topographic map of Afganistan and surrounding countries

Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Liberal Interventionism?

It is either hubris or naivete that leads us to think that we can fight others' battles for them.
photograph of soldiers running in the desert

What the Moral Tragedy in Afghanistan Teaches

How did we get here? Who is to blame? What could we have done differently? Are there any useful takeaways from the mess we find ourselves in?
photograph of bootprints in the sand

Our Moral Obligations to the Afghans

There may never be a right time to withdraw, but that doesn't mean we can walk away clean.
two police officers dressed in riot gear holding smoke grenade guns

Malum in Se: The Use of Tear Gas by Police

If tear gas is a substance that is "evil in itself" (malum in se), why can police use tear gas on protesters? Just war theory provides criticism.
photograph of soldiers in uniform saluting

Military Operations and Questions of Collective Responsibility

Establishing collective culpability is much more difficult than determining individual responsibility. What do different strategies offer and what part does language play?
image of British WWII enlistment poster

WWIII?: Desensitization, Alarmism, and Anxiety

Does wartime humor indicate a numbness to the violence of war or does it simply betray rising anxieties about an uncertain future?
photograph of General Qasem Soleimani in military uniform

Jus ad Bellum: US, Iran, and Soleimani

The assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani fits uncomfortably in the Just War tradition and this complicates the US's claim to self-defense.
photograph of armed soldiers in file

Pope Francis, Edward Gallagher, and Just War Theory

From the case of Edward Gallagher to recent statements by the Pope, current events encourage reflection on what it means to wage war ethically.
photograph of submarine half-submerged in ocean

The Letters of Last Resort and MAD Ethics

A holdover from a different time, the Letters of Last Resort signal a strategy of nuclear deterrence whose mode may be outdated, but whose message remains clear.