This is a Self-Portrait

Studying in the former Yugoslavia forced me to face the impossibilities of complexity.

Battlefield A.I. and the Future of War

The development of "killer robots" stands to change the way we think about warfare.

Cannons in a Quiet Park

Lingering ultranationalism continues to plague Serbian politics, identity and attempts to seek justice.
an image of the Pentagon

Lying in the Military

A new study conducted by the U.S. Army War College has found that U.S. Army officers regularly lie, and that the Pentagon is fully...

Conflict Antiquities: Is there a Future for the Past?

This Guest Scholar post was written by Rebecca Schindler, professor of Classical Studies at DePauw University.  Seven thousand years of history in the Middle East...

In Wake of the Tomahawk

In Serbia, traces of postwar trauma can be found in the use of a single word.

History’s (Un)Truths

Fifty years, two months, and one week ago, a US destroyer was attacked (or was it?) by the North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin,...

A Rose in a City Square

On the ethics of studying abroad in a post-conflict city like Sarajevo.

Weaponizing Food and the CIA Torture Report

The experience of food is one that runs to the core of our being. As humans, it is such an essential part of our lives...

Striking Syria: Civilian Casualties

The White House announced that it has adopted a looser policy on airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. The United States has...