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Are you an educator who loves The Prindle Post? Now, incorporating Prindle Post articles into your classroom is easier than ever. Here you can find study questions for many of our best articles, all free for use in assignments or classroom discussions. Check back here for regular updates on our latest articles.


“Clean Energy Infrastructure, Environmental Justice, and the Ethics of NIMBY” by Kiara Goodwine (see original article)

“Rethinking Modification of the Natural World” by Rachel Robison-Greene (see original article)

“Insecticidal Tendencies: Insects as Candidates for Ecological Ethics” by Casey Ford (see original article)


“Should the NFL’s Players Have to Pay to Protest?” by Rachel Robison-Greene (see original article)

“Reckoning with Democracy in Decline” by Luka Ignac (see original article)

“Should the United States Supreme Court Be Abolished?” by Daniel Beck (see original article)


“Passing the Mirror Test and the Wrong of Pain” by Meredith McFadden (see original article)

“Do Terminally Ill Patients Have a ‘Right to Try’ Experimental Drugs” by Daniel Beck (see original article)

“‘Nudges’ and the Environmental Influences on our Morals” by Meredith McFadden (see original article)


“Aging and Blaming in the Criminal Justice System” by Rachel Robison-Greene (see original article)

“In Colorado, The Right to Comprehensive Sex Education” by Haley Thompson (see original article)

“Telling Stories, Seeking Justice: The #MeToo Movement” by Rachel Higson (see original article)

World Affairs

“The Venezuela Crisis and National Self-Determination” by Andrew Bobker (see original article)

“Is the Global Citizenship Movement the New “White Man’s Burden”?” by Kiara Goodwine (see original article)

“Facebook and the Rohingya Genocide” by Amy Elyse Gordon (see original article)

Ethics in Culture

“Commodifying Activism” by Cole Martin (see original article)

“Afrofuturism: The Beginning of the End for Stereotypical Black People in Media?” by Byron Mason II (see original article)

“Classical Sexism: Gender Bias and Female Conductors” by Eleanor Price (see original article)