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Year in Review

Our writers offer up all their favorite reads you might have missed.
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Civility, Testimonial Injustice, and Commitment to Philosophy

What lessons can philosophy teach us for expanding our perspective, being more generous, and seriously considering the positions of others?
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Ethics and Job Apps: Why Use Lotteries

Can we really defend our reliance on personal judgment when it comes to picking the best candidate for the job?


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Juvenile Justice: Charging Minors as Adults

When, if ever, do a child's actions warrant punishment on par with their adult counterparts?
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Why Vaccinating the World Is the Best Thing for Australia

Global vaccine equity not only serves the least well-off, it also happens to be what's in all of our interests.
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The Vice of Ingratitude; or, How I’m Bad at Thanksgiving

What does it mean to be grateful rather than merely contented? What kinds of things are we thankful for as opposed to simply glad about?


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Meaning-as-Use and the Punisher’s New Logo

Having been co-opted by various organizations, it's unclear what the long-toothed skull stands for.
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‘Don’t Look Up’: Willful Ignorance of a Democracy in Crisis

This cautionary tale refuses to play political football with skeptics and simply fast-forwards to the end.
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Faramir’s Insight

In failing to appreciate the fullness of others' moral autonomy we do them a disservice.


Why Don’t People Cheat at Wordle?

Might it be that there is something more than the honor code at play?
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The Curious Case of Evie Toombes: Alternative Realities and Non-Identity

How might we assess the harm that may or may not have occurred if things had gone differently?
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The Morality of “Sharenting”

Whose interests should speak loudest when considering whether to make all those awkward childhood moments public?
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Boris Johnson and the Hypocrisy of Lawmakers

Why does political position and institutional power make infractions worse?
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Defining Death: One Size Fits All?

What consequences might our demarcation of death's domain have for the living?
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‘Don’t Look Up’ and “Trust the Science”

The film is much more than a pro-science, anti-skeptic morality play masquerading as entertainment.