photograph of dry, cracked earth with grass growing on a few individual pieces

Collective Action and Climate Change: Consumption, Defection, and Motivation

Individual incentives are at odds with collective rationality. How might models like the Prisoner's Dilemma and the Tragedy of the Commons illuminate our current predicament?
photograph of stained glass depicting crowning of religious figure

Natural Law Theory and Human Rights Advocacy

How should we understand the relation between law and morality? And what might this answer mean for human rights?
photograph of graffiti image on building with two arms pointing in opposite directions

Disagreements in Ethical Reasoning: Opinion and Inquiry

Disagreement about our moral duties and obligations is inevitable. But this does not show that morality is a matter of opinion or that ethics is subjective.


photograph of green board game piece isolated from huddled, red board game pieces

Institutions’ Right to Block: ICAO vs. Taiwan

What might justify an organization or government's wielding of exclusionary power? What does it mean to be removed from the conversation?
photograph of gathering clouds

Why Isn’t Everybody Panicking? Scientific Reticence and the Duty to Scare...

How can we balance accuracy against alarmism? How can we avoid defeatism and instead inspire action? What does scientific accuracy demand?
image of aged Rising Sun flag

Rising Sun Flag: Symbol of Hate or Cultural Pride?

Japan has claimed that the Rising Sun flag is not a political statement, but what other meaning can a flag have? And who gets to say what a flag symbolizes?


Ethical Messages at the Academy Awards

It has become common for those being honored to use their time on stage to comment on social justice issues. Should they?

The Good Place and the Good Life

NBC's show explores all manner of philosophical quandary, but focuses especially on the meaning of life and the morality in mortality.
photograph of The Witcher character from a gaming expo

The Witcher and the Lesser of Two Evils

Netflix's recent adaptation delves into philosophical issues from the problem of dirty hands to questions of utilitarian calculus.


Ethical Messages at the Academy Awards

It has become common for those being honored to use their time on stage to comment on social justice issues. Should they?
photograph of mosquito swarm, blurry from motion

Is It Ethical to Extinguish a Species?

What is the proper metric to use in deciding another species' fate? What do we need to know in order to justify extinction?
closeup photograph of camera lens

Sensorvault and Ring: Private-Sector Data Collection Meets Law Enforcement

Digital profiling tools (like Google's Sensorvault) and surveillance gadgets (like Amazon's Ring) pose a significant threat to our privacy and blur the line between corporate and government interests.
photograph of air pollution with cars on highway and yellow smoke in city

Grassroots Environmentalism and California’s CAPP

Are local initiatives really a feasible substitute for large-scale regulation when it comes to environmental issues like air pollution?
painting of lamar jackson in NFL game

Prejudice in the NFL?

The NFL has a troubling history of racial prejudice infecting everything from the huddle to the sidelines and the owner's box to the press box.
photograph of Monopoly game board

Owning a Monopoly on Knowledge Production

The epistemic impact of Google and Facebook's monopoly on information and communication poses a very real problem.